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The girls were AWESOME! I had a dye stain, from hair dye, in my shower for two years and when I showered yesterday, I discovered it was GONE! WOOHOO!
VH, Hope Valley Farms
It’s not an overstatement to say our quality if life and enjoyment of our living space has gone up thanks to your team!
FS, Duke Forest
I can not even begin to tell you how impressed I was when I walked in! From the ceiling fans, to running the dishwasher, down to the little touches with the kids’ room! They thought it was so cool their pet blankets were folded and sitting up.Thank you so very much!
AW, N. Raleigh
It was fabulous! Everything was sparkling when I got home. I am very pleased with the attention to detail.
SM, Woodcroft
Hello Lucie – I wanted to let you know that the cleaning done at our house last week exceeded my expectations. Thank you! I especially appreciated that the couch was vacuumed and the sliding door cleaned. The master bathroom shower was also really clean.
I have had Lucie’s crew clean our house a few times and my husband, who does not like cleaning people in our house, has commented on how great the place has looked. He is not easily impressed and has expressed how impressed he was.
PG, Woodcroft
These folks are excellent! I’ve used several different home cleaning services in the various states I’ve lived in and this one is by far, one of the best. Lucie has little turnover in staff so the same ladies are working with her all the time and they are outstanding. I love coming home to a super clean house.
LF, N. Durham
I have never been so impressed with a cleaning service. Lucie’s cleaning service is professional and dependable. Her flexibility and quality is unheard of in this industry. I recommend her with full confidence that you would not be disappointed.
PB, Durham
After being up 5x last night & sick kiddos, i’m so thankful for Lucie’s Home Services cleaning my house this morning! they are so amazing, kind, & thorough! it’s God’s grace for me on a day like today…
TK, Parkwood


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